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An emergency generator is attach to a location power supply and electricity. When the power supply or electricity shuts down unintentionally the emergency generator will send power to the things that it is attached to that is designated, until the main power is back on.

Will a three wire cord work on a 120 to 240 volt twist-lock generator plug?
It can, but you will not have a ground wire. I have my generator hooked this way for my house for emergency power, but my neutral wire is also bonded to ground by a ground rod. Read More

share: Can a 30 K W gas emergency generator support a 200 amp residential service with a voltage config of 220 120 volts?
You will not be able to obtain a full 200 amps to run your house, that would take a 50 kw generator. To answer the question, yes, a 30kw generator will work very nicely. Read More

share: What brand of emergency generator is best?
Around this part of Florida, where emergency generators are common, Honda is by far the most popular. Read More

share: Does the hydrogen generator work in cars?
a hydrogen generator will work but will not provide significant benefit Read More

share: How big of a generator would you need to feed a home with a 200 amp service?
Usually you size an emergency generator for the emergency load, not necessarily the total load under normal operations. This emergency load is moved to a separate panel that is connected through a transfer switch to the generator. Once you size this emergency load you will have a more precise answer. I have used a 12 KW generator on a 5 bedroom house and it has always been adequate in emergencies. It powers well pump, propane... Read More

share: Diagram of diesel generator work?
diagram of diesel generator Read More

share: Which area of the generator should an electrician work on?
Power that feeds the generator Read More

share: What is a portable generator?
Portable generator is a automotive electric device that's supply you emergency electric. You can use it for your home and business purpose. You can get more help from portablegeneratorsreview.com Read More

share: How do you connect a 7000 watt generator to the house main power line?
You would need to use a transfer switch. The generator will hook up to the transfer switch and then the transfer switch to the panel. Usually you would have an emergency breaker panel to hook up to since a 7000 watt generator wouldn't be able to power up most entire homes. You would pick which circuits you would need in an emergency situation and bring those into the emergency panel. The transfer switch makes sure... Read More

share: Why is it important for a hospital to have an emergency generator?
just in case the main power goes off they have a backup Read More

share: Does an alternator work similar to an ac generator?
Alternator and ac generator is equal Read More

share: Do emergency Lights have to be on all the time? Should you liked this short article and also you wish to obtain details with regards to Power On Group kindly pay a visit to our own webpage.
No. Emergency lights are designed to turn ON when there is a power loss or outage either from their back up battery or from an emergency generator. In buildings which do not have back up emergency generators, (which most are) emergency lights require power supplied to them 24/7 to keep their batteries charged. Read More

share: What is the difference between prime generator and standby generator?
The difference b/w the prime generator & standby generator is that the prime generator is used for 24/7/365, while the standby generators are only used in emergency cases, if we used standby generators for more than 24 hours continuously, then it will be overheated for sure. Read More

share: Where do emergency room doctors work?
In the emergency room. Read More

share: What happens if excitation fails in parallel oprating generator?
when excitation fails,Reactive power will be supplied by the system to which the generator is connected and generator will work as induction generator and its speed will rise a little. generator which was in over excitation mode will work in underexcitation.but there is under excitation limit which should not be reached so we should detect loss of excitation and trip generator Read More

share: How does a carbon generator work?
it works. Read More

share: How does a simple generator work?
cheese Read More

share: Does xbox code generator work?
no Read More

share: Use auxiliary in a sentence?
When the power went out we started the auxiliary generator to provide emergency electricity. Read More

share: Experience certificate format for an generator mechanic?
work experiences certificate for generator mechanic and electrician Read More

share: What is the xbox live generator v1.7 activation code?
Xbox live generator v1.7 does not work and will not work. Just buy a xbox live code. Read More

share: Can a motor work as a generator?
since the physical construction of a DC motor and DC generator is the same,it can work either way.in other words,yes a DC motor can work as a DC generator(if you drive it by a primemover it will produce electricity).however its not possible with all AC motors. Read More

share: How does a locomotive work?
A diesel engine spins a generator, the generator powers the electric motor that turns the wheels. Read More

share: What type of engine usually drives the ship emergency generator?
Diesel engine, using gas oil(MGO/DMA). Read More

share: Does the Wii point generator actually work?
no Read More

share: How does AVR on generator work?
Controls Voltage Read More

share: How does the starting of synchronous motor using dc generator as a load work-?
The starting of synchronous motor using a DC generator as a load of work generates the magnetic field. Read More

share: What are the Difference between dc motor and dc generator?
a motor Will do work by consuming power a generator is just the opposite Read More

share: How does the electrostatic generator work?
The electric static generator is a device that produces static electricity, or electricity at high voltage Read More

share: How does a generator exciter work?
Exciter controls the magnetic field in the generator system and controls the output voltage and/or current. Read More

share: What is loss of excitation in generators?
Loss of excitatation in generator means the supply to the field winding of the generator is removed. In this case, the generator will start to work as motor if it is connected to the grid. Read More

share: What are the Advantages of 1 Phase Generators to 3 Phase Generators?
As far as power station generators (alternators) are concerned, there are no real advantages of single phase over three phase. As far as small, standby or emergency generators are concerned, a single-phase generator will be smaller and less expensive. If you are considering purchasing a small generator to provide an emergency supply in the event of a power cut to your residence, then a single-phase generator is the only sensible option. Read More

share: Can energy to work a generator come from waves and tides?
no. Read More

share: Does the club penguin coin code generator work?
no Read More

share: How does the windmill generator work?
throgh kinetic energy Read More

share: How does a function generator work?
with the help of function generator we found wave in oscilloscope Read More

share: How would you get a generator to work after it had lost all it's residual magnetism?
Restore the magnets by supplying a power source to the generator. Read More

share: What size generator would you need to power house?
How do you get the right size Emergency Backup Generator? First you need to decide which electrical devices you want to run in the event of a power outage. You need to know what the startup and running requirements are for the electrical devices that you want to run. It is best to hire an electrician to help you determine your specific needs. An electrician will measure the electrical devices and circuits in your home... Read More

share: How does an ac generator work?
An ac generator works when the voltages appearing at the two wires alternates between positive and negative and then negative and positive each time when the magnet makes a complete revolution. An AC generator is a simple generator. Read More

share: Who invented the wind generator and how does it work?
A wind generator creates electrical power by harnessing the energy created by wind. The wind generator was invented by Charles F. Bush in the year 1888. Read More

share: You are lookiing for kdhe stand-by fuel oil back-up emergency generator tank inventory sheet to download?
yes Read More

share: What does emergency braking mean?
if your normal breaks doesn't work and your in trouble you pull the emergency break Read More

share: What size generator will power an RV with a 50 amp hookup?
To completely power everything you would need a 12KW generator. However in an emergency you can live with a 5.5KW generator. You will not however be able to run an electric oven at all. To run an electric water heater almost everything else will have to be shut off. You will have to ration the power. Read More

share: Does the Runescape Gp Generator 4.0 really work?
Try it. Read More

share: Would a 135 amp welder work on a 2.4hp generator?
no Read More

share: How do you get club penguin membership generator?
No generators work. Sorry. Read More

share: How is electrical generator work?
A current can be induced by a (moving) magnetic field ... so you spin a magnet inside a coil of wire and you have a generator. Read More

share: What is the link for the Fantage ecoin generator?
Well i heard that people are trying to find the pass to unlock the file of fantage ecoin generator at mediafire and the password to unlock the ecoin generator fantageprincessify and it does work trust me Read More

share: What do emergency medicine doctors specialize in?
In the past any type of doctor could work in an emergency department, but now most of the newly hired emergency medicine doctors specialize in Emergency Medicine. Read More

share: What is the main difference between a generator and motor?
A generator needs to be propelled by a power source in order to generate electricity, and a electrical motor needs electricity to work. A mechanical motor needs mainly fuel to work. Read More

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