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The Rise of the Social Contact Center
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Customer service can now never be free of social. Customer service has changed. And it hasn’t changed at all. Www.mcafee.com/activate

The above sentence doesn’t make much sense, does it? Allow me to explain.

Once upon a time, customer service was non-existent. If people wanted service, they had to get in their cars and come back to the store where they bought the product or service from, and complain. Everything was face-to-face, and it worked fine for some time (at least for businesses), before the telephone was invented and all hell broke loose. Www.Office.com/setup

And then came outsourcing. The idea of using advances in technology to take customer support to places with cheaper manpower gave rise to the call center economy, and since then, customer service has been more or less a calm place with set rules and metrics. Performance has been uniform as well, and if recent evidence is anything to go by, standards have only been increasing, and customers have had less to worry or complain about. Www.Webroot.com/safe

At least, until the rise of the social juggernaut.

What Social Media has brought into customer service is a minor revolution of sorts, and ignoring it will be detrimental to business success. Www.avg.com/retail

What was essentially one-way communication between businesses and customers has now morphed into something so different; someone from the 90s could be easily forgiven for being stumped at how much power customers have these days. Social channels have given customers more and more avenues to vent their frustrations at incompetent service, and what has resulted is an atmosphere, and an empowered online space, that punishes bad customer service with a fury that has never been seen before.